Types of Water-Based Pomade

Pomade is a greasy or water-based substance used to style hair. There are two types of pomades; the traditional oil-based pomade and water-based pomade.

The traditional oil-based pomades were made from animal fat and mashed apples. The modern oil-based pomades have advanced to using petroleum, petrolatum, and mineral oils in place of animal fat.

Water-based pomade is the new kid on the block. They are not made from petroleum products rather they utilize water and other chemicals. It is easy to wash off hair, unlike the oil-based pomade.

Advancements in the production of water-based pomades have brought about two types of water-based pomades; Orthodox and Unorthodox WB pomade.

Orthodox Water Based Pomade

Orthodox means the usual way of doing things, the norm, the accepted standard, the way knows and sees as acceptable. When the oil-based pomade was in vogue, it was loved by many but it was extremely difficult to wash out of hair. Then the more water soluble pomades came out and the name “water-based” was quickly attached to it. These type of pomade shared similarities with the oil-based pomade and hair gel; it gives the appearance of oil-based pomade and is easy to wash off like hair gel, mostly in one wash.

Advantages of Orthodox WB Pomades

  • When applied, it can be washed off easily with just water, unlike oil-based pomade.
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use and a great option for newbies.
  • Protects the scalp from direct sunlight
  • The possibility of breakouts with this product is little to none.

Disadvantages of Orthodox Water-Based Pomades

  • It has the tendency of leaving the hair and scalp dry.
  • It hardens up after application, making restyling almost impossible.
  • It is generally regarded as unhealthy.


Unorthodox Water Based Pomade

Unorthodox means “contrary to what is seen as normal, away from the norm.”

This type of water-based pomades uses water as its main ingredient and can be washed off in one shower. Oil-based pomades are hard to wash off; orthodox pomades wash off easily but contain harmful ingredients. We advise our users to read this article about Suavecito Pomade Review which is the top trending pomade for men.Unorthodox pomade combines the good attributes of both pomades, making it the preferred choice of product.

Advantages of Unorthodox Water-Based Pomade

  • It is easy to wash off hair
  • Does not dry up like its predecessor and can be restyled any time of the day
  • It is easy to use, thus great for beginners
  • Possibility of breakout is greatly reduces


  • It is considerably more expensive than traditional pomade
  • Build-up is minimal so more amount of pomade is needed every time for styling, so a tin or tube of the product finishes quickly.


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